8/02/2013 Walk Through Energy Audit of Speedpak

Evolved Energy Solutions were contracted to provide a single day walk through energy audit of multiple premises on behalf of the Client. We provided a detailed report on our findings and here is the clients opinion on the service provided below!

"We run a number of commercial businesses from one building. Like any SME we have to continuously review our cost base to remain competitive. We recently contacted Brian from Evolved Energy Solutions and asked him to advise us on how to make both short and medium term savings to our energy costs. He suggested what he called a brief walk through energy audit. It was exactly what we wanted. It provided a very clear road map for what we needed to do. It outlined the current costs and the savings that could be made. Some required no investment, others minimal. What surprised us was the potential savings, 10% on year one and up to 20% by year three based on current usage. Subsequently we made provision in this years budget to maximise the energy saving opportunity. Brian was very keen to understand our business and its energy needs and has undoubted expertise in this area. If you want straightforward practical advice on how to reduce your energy bill at an affordable price, I would highly recommend Evolved"

John P. Murphy (Chief Executive Officer) Speedpak Limited

22/08/2012 Accountancy Firm Lighting Audit

Evolved Energy Solutions were contracted to review the lighting costs at a substantial premises on behalf of the Client and to verify potential savings claims made by a lighting supply company. To calculate the lighting costs of various areas within the premises five energy monitoring transmitters were placed in the electrical distribution boards within the building, specifically on the lighting circuits. 

Based on the information recorded over the past month at the building it would appear that the combined annual electricity consumption associated to lighting of the monitored areas totals 74,095kWh at an estimated cost of 11,855.

The Clients involved used this accurate data to review a recent quotation from a lighting supply company and carry out accurate Return On Investment calculations.  

Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor Case Study

Derek O`Brien from  Co. Kildare


Co. Kildare House

Mr O`Brien wanted to clarify what the appliances in his property were costing him to operate each year. The fact his property was heated using a geothermal heating system meant he was 100% reliant on electricity for all his energy requirements.

Evolved Energy Solutions called to the property and installed an EnviR Monitor, an additional mini transmitter and an Individual Appliance Monitor (IAM).

Individual Applicance Monitor

Upon the installation being completed it was immediately apparent that the geothermal heating systems circulation pumps were running despite there being no heating requirement, a quick change to the heating control saved Mr O`Brien a total of 375Watts per hour for approx 5,760 Hrs of the year.

The IAMs device showed the cost of leaving a flat screen television on was an additional 220Watts for approx 5,840 Hrs each year.

The combined affect of these savings was 3,444 Kwh at an estimated cost of 413.28 Per Year! The installation cost just 234.

Mr O`Brien says he is looking forward to this seasons heating season and tracking the precise cost of his Geothermal Heat Pump to operate. �It was great to find out the cause of our excessive electrical costs".

Residential Energy Audit 

Mrs. N. Sharkey

A large residential property with excessive energy costs and generally poor thermal comfort levels during the winter periods. This property had a sophisticated Geothermal heating system and high specification building controls throughout.

Thermal Image of house Image of house

Evolved Energy Solutions provided a complete analysis of all utility bills highlighting various instances of overcharging from service providers of both electricity and gas. A complete over hall and repair programme of the homes geothermal heating system was also provided.

Repairing the heating system Electricity Bill showing savings

Evolved Energy Solutions project managed and specified various aspects of the upgrade work undertaken. Mrs. Sharkeys home utility bills were drastically reduced by over 40% annually and the homes thermal comfort levels greatly improved.

Contact Mrs Sharkey : details available upon request

Mr G. Kilroy

Mr. Kilroy manages a nursing home portfolio of various properties across Ireland. Evolved Energy Solutions have provided various reports aimed at ensuring refurbishment works carried out on the Nursing homes behalf were to the highest possible standards regarding energy efficiency. Areas of concern regarding workmanship, commissioning and control of systems have all been highlighted in reports generated for Mr Kilroy.

Commercial Plant Room

Conducting a Flue Gas analysis test

The images above show a typical commercial plant room layout and an Engineer from evolved energy solutions providing a flue gas analysis test used to ensure efficiencies in boilers are running at an optimum range.

By using Evolved Energy Solutions as an independent energy consultancy firm a large quantity of repair and commissioning work was carried out by the original contractors prior to the projects completion.

Contact Mr. Kilroy: Number with Evolved Energy Solutions

Mr Mark Davies of ARC Design

Evolved Energy Solutions regularly work with Mr. Davies and his clients on a host of construction projects, from ensuring proposed projects are fully compliant with the most up to date building regulations to providing on site Air pressure testing and quality control tests.

House Layout in 3D

Evolved Energy solutions work with architectural firms on a regular basis to provide our clients with the following combined services

  • Architectural surveys.
  • 3-Dimensional Auto cad services
  • Design presentations.
  • Planning application submission.
  • Tender/construction package production.
  • Specification writing.
  • Site supervision.
  • House Inspection reports.
  • Fire Certificate application submission.
  • Design presentations.
  • Planning application submission.
  • Tender/construction package production.
  • Specification writing.
  • Site supervision.
  • House Inspection reports.
  • Fire Certificate application submission.

Contact Mr. Davies: Available on request

Mr. K. Murray (Home Owner)

A home owner who had problems in attempting to keep his home warm and comfortable in the winter months.

Thermal Image showing heat leaks Regular image of same area

Evolved Energy Solutions chief energy surveyor (Brian Sweeney) provided a detailed thermal imaging and air tightness report that highlighted all areas of concern within the building. Ongoing consultancy services were provided to Mr Murray following the report production and steps were taken to rectify all of the areas highlighted within the report. The thermal comfort levels of Mr Murrays home were greatly improved.

BER Cert

Mr Murray has also used Evolved Energy Solutions to provide him with multiple Building Energy Ratings over the previous year.

Contact details for Mr. K. Murray : Available upon request

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